JoAnn Martinez

“I wanted to thank you again for the help that you gave me, when I needed it the most. I really appreciate you, and will never forget your kindness.

“Everyone and anyone can land in trouble, get mixed up with the wrong crowd, make someone angry and vengeful or date the wrong person, or not date that person, forget to pay back a loan, all kinds of ways — all walks of life.

“When I got arrested, and was in jail — I called 20 bond companies, they wanted money first before they would listen, a co-signer, a house. Realistically, I could not wrap my head around it — that is a lot to ask a person to do for you, even if it’s family. I imagine only a parent would do that. I was there, with no one to ask, at my age I felt stupid asking, and more so selfish asking. A jailer told me to call you, said I didn’t belong in there, and you would help me. So I did, and you did — 2 hours later, I was out of there and well on my way to getting my problem resolved, and handled.

“Thank you for trusting me, for being professional and taking care of what the jail needed to let me out. For the rest of my life, please consider me a friend, if you are ever in need — please just ask.