“I wanted to thank you again for the help that you gave me, when I needed it the most. I really appreciate you, and will never forget your kindness. “Everyone and anyone can land in trouble, get mixed up with the wrong crowd, make someone angry and vengeful or date the wrong person, or not date t… Read more
JoAnn Martinez
Com-mu-ni-ty: Websters Dictionary “A group of people living in the same place.” A feeling of fellowship with a group sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Deweys Bail Bonds has been an example of “Community” for many people in and around the Salt Lake City area for over twenty years. … Read more
Choosing a bondsman isn’t like buying a pair of socks. Upon arrest there’s a rush to judgement; things move quickly. Having a good relationship with your bondsman is essential to fighting ur case on the outside rather than in, thus keeping the ball in your own court. For the past decade I’ve been… Read more
Chris Brennan
Dewey’s Bail Bonds is my trusted go-to when a client or their family call needing help bonding out of jail fast. I have always found Dewey’s to be quick to go to the jail and arrange a release for my clients. Do not heistate to call Dewey’s when you need help fast.
Joel Kittrell
Deweys the best bail bond I recommend. My family’s been with Deweys for over 15 years we look at them like family. So if you need a bondsman Deweys is the one to call.
Josette Montano
Dewey’s Bail Bonds is one of a kind. It’s a family business. They don’t say one thing then do another, they keep it real. For that I am forever grateful. Dewey’s has been working with me for a few years now. With both me and my husband and you never know how having a good bondsman on your side is… Read more
I’ve been doing business with Dewey’s for 35 years and they are really great people; try them.
Dennis and Marilyn Bell
Dewey’s Bail Bonds is by far one of the best. I’ve dealt with them several times and each time they came through with 5 star service. They are very respectable, hardworking and dedicated. This is a team I would recommend every time. Thanks for always helping me and my family out when in desperate ne… Read more
Dominique Cage
When I got arrested my youngest son told me that he had been talking with another bond company for almost 24 hours about getting me out. He told them I had the money in my purse, only my purse was in my car, locked and in his driveway. He told them who I was, that I grew up here, and I had the same … Read more
Jo Ann Martinez